Turn Your Magic On

Turn your divine feminine magic all the way on with Hadiiya Barbel in this amazing book. Available in a stunning, Limited Edition, full color print; and also in black & white print.

Shakti Dresses

You can now buy your Shakti Dress online, available in a variety of powerful colors to match your spirit.

Welcome to my universe!

Emmy Award winning transformation artist, Soul-prenuer, Educator, Speaker, Coach, Energy Healer and wellness lifestyle influencer. I offer various workshops and vibrational lifting ceremonies across the country, virtually, and internationally.

Gypsy Spirit Mystique Shop

My style is all about working with vibrant colors and textures and unique items from around the globe. A little Gypsy, Goddess, Boho, Spiritual Chic. Click here to find a unique one of a kind item to enhance your style.

What if you just turned your magic all the way the f*uk on!?

This is the energy that brings a call to action. When I wrote this book the idea was for women to have a quick read that would snap them out of any low vibrations and remind them of who they are and the limitless magic that lies within. Click here to get your copy today

Magical Manes

Creating hair for me must always be apart of a meditative journey hence why I call them meditative manes. I enjoy putting love into everything that I do and touch. Hair is apart of a spiritual ceremony just as everything else that I do is. I believe that hair can be healing and has the ability to shift energy and bring a new perspective on life.

My work is more than a basic wig placed on your head. It’s your crown and to help women to remember that they are Queens when wearing them. Purchase your new Crown today click here to learn more.

The Goddess Glo Up Movement

“THE GODDESS GLO UP” Created for WOC to heal, share, connect, and grow.

The Goddess Glo Up is not some fancy mainstream experience where it’s all about who’s wearing the best designer clothing and shoes, or who has the best lace wig or who’s accomplished the most.
The #goddessgloup is a place where #womenofcolor can get to the root and free themselves of society’s stigmas that look down upon our culture.

We implement all forms of dance, we indulge live and colorful foods, spiritual sciences that been kept from us, free expression, sister circles, financial guidance, Art, and so so so much more that can’t be explained. Click here to learn more and to be updated on the latest events.

Online Class

Join the Juicy in July Detox + Dance 14 day Program!

Juicy in July is a 14 day Body Spirit and Energy Cleanse designed to bring you back to your most vibrant, juiciest, flowing and glowing self.

Using various Forms of Guided Movement Meditations, The 2020 Juice cleanse and Live group sessions you will be supported from beginning to completion.

Included in the program is a 7 day detox plan by Celebrity Chef Ahki which gives a full menu and juice cleanse recipe to make things simple and easy.

Wellness Guru and Celebrity Chef Ahki Taylor has created an offering of exotic juices to nourish and inspire your own creativity as you detox. Keep it Juicy Ladies!