Juicy in July–Medicine Wheel Meditations

Juicy in July–Medicine Wheel Meditations

Welcome to the Juicy in July Medicine Wheel Meditations Journey.

In this 4-week virtual course you will be guided through an experience focused on meditation, sensuality, and finding your own flow.


In four weeks, we will journey together and learn a series of movements using the Medicine Wheel as your guide for connection to your own divine feminine energy.

This course is not about learning fancy tricks with the hoop, but about learning how to use your sensuality and feminine energy to open up the ancient healing modalities that will become the gateway to ease and flow in your everyday life.

Each week we will move through a new portal.

All classes have a unique Goddess theme that we will embody.

What you’ll gain:

The main teachings in the Medicine Wheel Meditations is to become “medicated” by your own magic.

 To attract more health and wealth into your life.

 Lose inches off your waistline.

 To learn to reconnect with your sensuality.

 Increased libido and sex drive.

 To self indulge by your own turn on.

 To bring more energy into your life.

 To become happier and smile more.

 To gain a life of freedom.

 Reduce depression and anxiety.

 A much more positive view of self.

 To bring internal movement into the womb helping to eliminate toxins in the body.

 To align and balance the chakras.

 To learn techniques to become more relaxed, calm and grounded in everyday life.

Most of all what you’ll gain from this investment is a new found love for the art of sensuality through the Medicine Wheel meditation that you can take everywhere and do anywhere. You’ll also become connected to an entire new tribe of women with like minds and goals.

The Medicine Wheel Meditation Flow:

Each Lesson is a recorded video and divided into 4 parts:

 We begin each class with a guided meditation, focusing our energy to become present, get grounded and connected—understanding that it all begins in the mind first.

 We then follow with instruction and skill for the movement.

 With my Beautiful Healing Music selection you will use what we’ve learned to begin our own unique dance flow.

You can also listen to music from my several playlist on Spotify.

 After we sweat, flow, and release, we come back down to a closing meditation to take in all of the energy.

This is a 4 week commitment and must be practiced daily each week for the best results.

Completion Ceremony

The last week of this course ends with a special ceremony where we will have an online celebration of what we’ve learned, open discussion, and Q and A.

We meet on IG live once a week. If you miss a class,

What you’ll need:

A weighted hula hoop 1.5 lbs and an open mind and heart.

Who this class is for:

This class is for those who are looking to loosen up those hips, loosen up their energy, those who want to bring more fun into their lives to become more childlike while learning the rhythm of the divine feminine flow.

You will learn the basics of how to use the medicine wheel along with routines that can be mastered to not only have fun but to strengthen your body.

Invest in yourself!

There are two special options (plus an Early Bird Special!) for enrollment.

-The Medicine Wheel Meditations July in July series will include 2 live videos on the private Medicine Wheel Meditations page

Space is limited.

-The Medicine Wheel Meditations Standard Early Empress is personal investment of $99 until June 26th.

-The Medicine Wheel Meditations Standard Package is $129.

When you sign up you will receive tips for cleansing the body to do during this 4 week cycle for an amazing transformation. We will also be sending you all the information you need leading up to the course.

Every Monday morning you will receive a link to the video in your email for the course.

Every other week we will go live to check in.

Our first live video will be 6/30/19 at noon EST on IG at @medicinewheelmeditations

Click here to learn more.

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