World Renowned Transformation Artist Hadiiya Barbel, is the modern day embodiment of the Virtuous Woman and the Enlightened Queens of Ancient Egypt. She epitomizes class, grace, intellect and wisdom, and has a passionate desire to see all women maximize their personal greatness and understand the fullness of their worth. Like the royal coverings worn by the Queens of Ancient Egypt, the hair that she custom designs for each of her clients are called Crowns because she sees each one of them as an expression of pure royalty.


Barbel began unique hair designing at the age of 15 in the backroom of her mother’s Bronx apartment. She has since been blessed to design her Custom Crowns for celebrities such as Angela Bassett, Tia Mowbry, Ashante, Dorinda Clark, and Sandy “Pepa” Denton. She has also worked on the set of “Celebrity Apprentice” as personal stylist to Star Jones and won a Daytime Emmy for serving as personal stylist to Wendy Willams on the set of “The Wendy Williams Show.”



Although her exclusive salon and intimate “Crowns & Cocktails Events” are a star studded paparazzi’s dream come true, Hadiiya’s greater focus is on the “new unsung celebrities” that she faithfully serves. These are the everyday women of excellence who have children, mates, demanding jobs, aging parents and lives that are often interrupted with the diagnosis of lupus, cancer, alopecia, or stress that causes severe hair loss.
These “celebrities” became Hadiiya’s Heart because she watched them push through the fear of their tears not have the luxury of extended medical leaves or exclusive hospital stays and they became the inspiration behind her “Boss Lady” Specialty Crown Collection. These classy, designer cuts assisted her clients who were experiencing medical hair loss to maintain their style and self-esteem in the heights of their process.
In 2013, the Executive Ambassadress of Excellence expanded the Hadiiya Barbel Collection to include her signature “Waist Wellness Detox Program.” 1 in 20 American’s are diagnosed with colon cancers each year and many have never had a colonic or been taught the principles of core training. Barbel, an avid fitness phenom, was a first partaker in the Waist Wellness Detox and now sports a 27 inch waist having given birth to three amazing children.
Hadiiya hosts annualy Waist Wellness Group Detoxes, Healing Seminars, Chat N Chill Retreats, and Goddess Spa Parties for those who want to release their pain, fully forgive, uproot negative seeds from their past, and evolve within. Her message to each woman is very simple “You are a Gift and a Jewel to this World. You are the Virtuous Woman, and Your Price is Higher than Rubies.


Her Goddess Waist Trainers were custom designed to help women trim their core, stay cognizant of what they consume, increase their posture and build spinal definition. In a society that now sits and eats behind a computer working 10-15 hour days, she brings total balance and teaches women the restoring and empowering mantra “Pretty in the Face, Small in the Waist.” In 2014 she added her Goddess Wrap Dresses and Goddess Jumpers to the Collection to help accentuate the new waistlines of her clients.

In 2016, Hadiiya Barbel expanded her brand by opening the first of it’s kind, ARAYA NYC Style Studio. ARAYA NYC, was created to serve as a community place for women of all ages and ethnicities to explore the various parts of themselves, be spiritually connected, to be inspired, to be transformed and leave feeling empowered.
ARAYA NYC Style Studio offers several luxury lines of wigs, which our team refer to as CROWNS. Hadiiya believes the word “wig” has a stigma, which may evoke a feeling of shame by women who need or desire to wear them. Instead she insist they be called CROWNS; the adorning accessory worn by Queens, which symbolize their power! The space host monthly event for New York’s leading trendsetters and taste-makers and host master and beginner level coursers for The ARAYA Academy.