Sacred in the City

You’re a Queen, a Princess, and an Empress…at the same damn time. You are sacred, you are a walking temple and you should feel like it. That’s why I’m introducing

The Hooded Goddess Dress

We’re bringing back the Goddess essence… Hey Tribe, I’ve been open to receiving all things wonderful and good and in spite of rough roads, I see a positive one ahead,

21 Day Dress Challenge with Yoni Detox Cleanse

21 Day Day Dress Challenge Begins on Summer Solstice, Wednesday June 21, 2017.    This years 21 day dress challenge will include a womb cleanse. I found that women begin


Dance is Life..We Dance for Life I dance to heal I dance for love I dance through pain I dance to remain sane……   I dance before I leave my

A Queen

I strongly believe that inside of every little girl reside a beautiful queen. Here is one of my favorite poems by and unknown author titled A QUEEN. Enjoy! A Queen

Divine Femininity

The Divine Feminine is a part of us all. Here are simple practices to draw yourself closer to this inherent energy: 1. Connect your bare feet to Mother Earth. Connecting